INSIDE VIANNE AGAIN (National Gallery of Victoria), 2013

INSIDE VIANNE AGAIN (National Gallery of Victoria), 2013 was a collaborative installation by Shelley Lasica, Helen Grogan, and Anne-Marie May as part of Melbourne Now at National Gallery of Victoria International.

INSIDE VIANNE AGAIN (National Gallery of Victoria) 2013

ensemble performance and video installation; 2-channel HD digital video, 4-channel sound; single-channel HD digital video, sound; 12 minutes, looped, acrylic sculptural objects

Installation view: National Gallery of Victoria International, Melbourne, Australia for ‘Melbourne Now’, 2013-2014. Photo: Laura May Grogan and Helen Grogan

Artists: Shelley Lascia, Helen Grogan, Anne-Marie May
Performers: Deanne Butterworth, Timothy Harvey, Jo Lloyd, Bonnie, Bonnie Paskas
Videographer & Camera Technician: Anna Gilby
Camera Technician: Laura May Grogan
NGV Sound Design: Benjamin Walbrook