SPECIFIC INBETWEEN (the choreographic negotiated in six parts)

Six-week discussion, lecture and event program including online contributions curated by Helen Grogan (with participating artists, choreographers and speakers) within the exhibition 'Framed Movements', Australian Center for Contemporary Art, 2014


SPECIFIC INBETWEEN (the choreographic negotiated in six parts)

Australian Center for Contemporary Art, 2014

Curated by Helen Grogan within 'Framed Movements', an Australia Centre for Contemporary Art exhibtion curated by Hannah Mathews.  

SPECIFIC IN-BETWEEN (the choreographic negotiated in six parts) is a series of performative and discursive activities approaching the choreographic within current art practice. The project adopts a flexible and responsive format, with each of the series’ six parts developed in conjunction with participating artists, choreographers and theorists. Online writings and materials accompany this project, some appearing intermittently.

Occurring within the gallery context, an iteration of Helen Grogan’s SETTING marks a changing space of activation on the surface of Gallery 1, ACCA. 55 laminate flooring panels are arranged in 6 configurations over 6 weeks, adapting to the spatial and social requirements of artists’ live contributions to the series SPECIFIC IN-BETWEEN (The choreographic negotiated in six parts).

Participating artists: Gwenneth Boelens, Deanne Butterworth, Justin Clemens, Emily Cormack, Matthew Day, Atlanta Eke, Brian Fuata, Agatha Gothe-Snape, Nathan Gray, Helen Grogan, Bianca Hester, Becky Hilton, Shelley Lasica, Katie Lee, Bridie Lunney, Kate MacNeill, Sandra Parker, Geoff Robinson, Philipa Rothfield, Charlie Sofo, Benjamin Woods, Wrong Solo, and other contributing artists and audiences.

Part 1. Wed 15 October: You are already doing it (choreographing social and public space)

Wrong Solo (Agatha Gothe-Snape and Brian Fuata) perform their work Cruising within the ‘Framed Movements’ exhibition and surrounding ACCA site. Everyone is invited. Everyone is implicated.

Part 2. Wed 22 October: Between thing and event

Discursive and performative works are enacted by Benjamin Woods and Geoff Robinson. Both artists incorporate approaches to ‘doing’ or ‘enacting’ as means for presenting their ideas. Benjamin Woods shifts between a research paper and material and perceptual demonstrations. Robinson structures a situation in which performance is a means for articulating live decision-making. Writings contributed by Bianca Hester are accessible online.

Part 3. Wed 29 October: Time is happening

Nathan Gray and Matthew Day discuss the operations of time and duration in recent works. Focusing on Species of Spaces created for the 2014 Biennale of Sydney, Nathan Gray discusses strategies that he uses to hold coalescence at bay and maintain the brevity and specificity of encounters with objects. Day discusses his TRILOGY project (2009-2012). TRILOGY employs minimalist and durational choreographic strategies to approach the body as a site of infinite potential and continual becoming.

Part 4. Wed 5 November: Ambiguous edges (philosophy, dance, choreography)

Commissioned lectures are performed by Becky Hilton and Philipa Rothfield. These lectures address contested territories of agency, action and self within choreography and dance. Becky Hilton approaches this context through means specific to dance. Philipa Rothfield presents current ideas within her on-going research of dance and philosophy.

Part 5. Wed 12 November: Migrating frames (of space and view)

Katie Lee, Bridie Lunney and Sandra Parker discuss movement and embodiment in their work. Shared discussion considers recent shifts in curatorial contexts for performance and sculpture. Gwenneth Boelens and Helen Grogan contribute a text on their work Choreography (For Gallery2, ACCA), 2014 that is installed in the Framed Movements exhibition.

Part 6. Wed 19 November: Space is happening (as we make it)

Shelley Lasica performs As We Make It. The work is part of Lasica’s on-going interest in using the gallery context to explore modes of communication and exchange in making dance performance. This evening also includes discussion between Shelley Lasica and Helen Grogan.

The exhibition Framed Movements is curated by Hannah Mathews. This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its funding and advisory body.