SPECIFIC IN-BETWEEN with Matthew Day and Nathan Gray
SEAM Symposium, Critical Path, 2013

Specific Inbetween is a score-based presentation, researching the practices of choreographer Matthew Day and artist Nathan Gray. Two specific artworks are taken as a focus: Nathan Gray’s 2012 exhibition ACTS, involving “Performances that generate sculpture and sculpture that generates performance…”(Gray); and Matthew Day’s 2013 studio research into the tensions between the dancer as both object and agent, as well as methods to activate objects and the potential for objects to be activators themselves.

For SEAM13, artist and curator Helen Grogan choreographs an unfolding, score-based format in which the collaborating artists present a series of responses to propositions relating to enactment, agency and object within their respective practices. These responses, consisting of text, video and actions, unfold as consecutive and/ or concurrent enactments. This performative structure as experiment resists a definitive thesis, instead allowing the correspondences, slippages and confusions within the artists’ approaches to become apparent through the artists’ own language and actions.